Monday, November 09, 2009

alice in fadderland

nubile alice was wandering one sunday morning when she suddenly fell into a gorge. she fell, fell, fell and just fell and hit the bottom with a thud. she found herself confronting a rabbit at the bottom of the gorge. the rabbit had a familiar ring about him. she wondered who the rabbit reminded her of. after much brain wracking, she remembered that the rabbit had striking resemblance with the logo of the playboy magazine her fadder kept hidden behind the pot in the toilet.

alice didnt particularly like the fadder after she observed him looking at her in that peculiar fashion which made all girls suspect elderly men. however, she tolerated him because her school headmistress had drilled into all the girls the slogan - fadder can never be wrong, and must be loved.

a staunch loyalist of the headmistress that she was, alice decided to give da fadder a chance. may be, da fadder was a nice old man and all the tales about him were just rumour. so, she meekly followed the rabbit.

rabbit, playfully, lead alice to a corner where the fadder was seated on a chair with the sticker on it which said, 'moderator'. on reaching the place, alice was aghast seeing the fadder looking at her lasciviously. 'hi, sexy babe,' da fadder said. alice was speechless. 'how can the fadder be so outrageously obvious,' she asked herself.

alice caught hold of the rabbit's tail and pleaded with him to take him out of the gorge.

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