Thursday, August 17, 2006

Divine Vision

After nine long months of deep meditation, His Holiness delivered a two-pager. His devotees dotingly declared it as the ‘Vision Statement’.

The devotees had been anxiously waiting for this auspicious moment from the very first day of conception. His Holiness had shut himself in the sanctum sanctorum displaying symptoms of divine thoughts germinating in his fertile mind.

Pregnant with ideas, His Holiness had started behaving like an expectant mother. He would throw tantrums at slightest provocation, pace to and fro inside the room, scream at the sight of a flying bumblebee, stomp heavily to scare away a lizard and chew anything sour in taste –tamarind, raw mango or even his nails.

“Don’t you dare disturb Him. Or even be seen near Him. Can’t you see, He is in the contemplating mode,” admonishes, Swami Sahajawani, the disciple numero uno of His Holiness.

Swami always uses a capital ‘H’ whenever he refers to His Holiness as ‘He, Him, His’ just to pledge his unflinching loyalty to Him. Swami also expects others to scrupulously follow the same practice if they want any interaction with him.

Swami was retained by His Holiness at a fabulous salary plus an unlimited expense account primarily to build an imaginary halo around the diminutive physique of His Holiness. It was with the design to enlarge and glorify the otherwise puny personage of His Holiness that the likes of Swami and Sukhanand Saraswati were given higher ranks than the other members of his personal staff.

Had they not got into His Holiness’ regal retinue of staff, Swami and Sukhanand would have easily found place in the Jat Regiment or Haryana police known for their hefty havildars and burly jawans.

As a rule, His Holiness neither directly spoke to others nor liked to be spoken to by any of his followers. He always conveyed, if at all such an exigency arose, through Swami and Sukhanand who were given license to interpret and explain the unspoken divine diktats and dictums. There was no way to find out if these interpretations and explanations had the official sanction.

So, when His Holiness retired to his sanctum sanctorum pregnant with ideas and went into deep meditation, the Swami-Sukhanand duo used the nine-month incubation period to the hilt in creating a hoopla.

“His Holiness, the master creator, is in direct communication with the God. He and the God are busy in serious intellectual and spiritual intercourse,” the duo would repeat day in and day out.

“Wait for the divine deliverance,” the duo would console the followers who were getting impatient and jittery over the agonizingly long period of wait while His Holiness was having his communion with the God.

At long last, on an auspicious Monday morning His Holiness emerged from his sanctum sanctorum. Wearing a Cheshire cat smile, His Holiness announced before the eager gathering that God had finally handed him down the Divine Vision. He called upon his devotees to devote their complete attention to understanding the divine message.

Swami and Sukhanand made copies of the two-page statement of His Holiness and distributed it among the devotees.

“Interact with the God, immerse deeply into the repository of divine content, shunning all other earthly activities and you will have attained the ultimate deliverance,” read the executive summary prepared by the Swami-Sukhanand duo after three months of intense deliberations.

His Holiness has gone back to his sanctum sanctorum, this time to seek inspiration for formulating the fundamental principles of divine content.

Swami and Sukhanand are busy displaying ‘Do not disturb’ signboard outside the sanctum sanctorum.

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