Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sash, Ash and Di

"Three Miss World in almost a row! The country has indeed made it in the global market so far as this particular kind of merchandise is concerned. If the present trend is maintained for the next two decades, there is every chance of India monopolizing the beauty pageant market and subsequently the global advertisement market. Already, several MNC ad agencies have begun scouting for models in India," mused the principal chief secretary poring through the computer printout of the graphics and other info downloaded from the Internet the previous night.

The principal chief secretary (PCS) was woken up at 8 O' clock in the morning by the PA to the CM and told to be present at the CM's bungalow at 8.11 sharp to make a multi-media presentation on the status of the state vis-a-vis the global market.

The PCS popped several drops of mouth freshner just to make sure that the CM did not get a whiff of the brew he had consumed till late into the night at a five-star hotel with that NRI contractor.

The burra babu, as the PCS was fondly called by his subordinate staff, was ushered into CM's room after making him wait for two hours in the lounge.

"Come to the point. You have this pugnacious habit of beating about the bush with your statis sticks. And, you also have this tendency of mixing up vital statistics with logistics. So, you mean to say this particular Indian merchandise has promising prospects in the global market. Well, what then?" asked the CM.

"Sir, the most heartening thing is that this time it is a city girl who has bagged the world title. Sir, if you allow me, I would suggest setting up of a Personality Development University on the lines of the Information Technology University to help bloom several such sleeping beauties, the PCS purred softly.

"I like it, I like it. The idea sounds good. Remind me to make the announcemenent at the next press conference," said the CM."I will make Joe Baby the VC. She has been sulking ever since the PM inducted that hoyden into his cabinet, over-ruling my wish. The VC's post is any day better than a mere MP's," the CM mused to himself.

"Yes Sir! You can also, Sir, announce a package deal for the entrepreneurs who want to set up beauty clinics, mini personality development institutes, modelling studios and the whole range of ancilliary units," suggested the PCS, encouraged by the CM's response to the idea.

"Smart boy! You do show flashes of brilliance one in a while. Why, I can sell the idea to the media moghul whose latest dream is to divert the entire business of Bollywood and Hollywood to his film city. By giving the necessary policy support, I can retain his group's loyalty till the next general elections. Though he happens to hail from my very own community, the media moghul needs constant doses of incentives to be kept in good humour," said the CM, glowing at the prospect of ensuring media support with the latest master stroke.

"Why not, Sir? This is the time for you to pay him back for the favour his newspaper group had done you at the time of the family coup. Had the group not shifted its loyalty, it would have been impossible to topple the papa-in-law," said the PCS, endorsing the CM's media policy.

"Organize a gala reception for our girl from Secunderabad. She should not run away to Mumbai again. Longer she stays here the better for the development of the state. At least she will keep the paparazzi and the press occupied. A section of the media has been giving bad publicity to me after that bomb exploded near my residence," said the CM.

"Yes, Sir. Very good, Sir. Good day, Sir," said the PCS, satisfied that he was again able to sell a novel idea to the CM.

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shailandra said...

Flashes of brilliance I saw and laughed at .